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    Why contact a therapist? The reasons are multiple and varied, but often boil down to seeking a resolution of specific inner issues, where more conventional means have failed.


    The troubles can be at multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. A private session lasts 1h00 to 1h30, according to your needs and requests, and targets the tensions you want to address, those ready to be released, and/or those surfacing during the session.


    The energy transformations operate while discussing together through Skype, Whatsapp, or phone. Sensitive people feel directly the energy changes, but it can take a couple of days to be fully integrated. This will depend on the work that has been done, and your plasticity to change.

  • What session can I choose ?

    For each type of session, its intention...

    Natural well-being

    Checkup of your body

    You suffer from a pain or a physical trouble, or want to check beforehand at a physical level that everything is OK.

    The session consists of a scan through radiesthesia (i.e. pendulum-like) of your systems, organs, and glands, for a check-up of their energy balance. Natural therapies will then be tested, in order to determine the substances answering to the restoration of your structure.

    Inner liberation

    Be listened to, with benevolence

    You can feel that it is shaking inside: emotions are flowing through you. You don't understand their origin, what they try to express, or you feel overwhelmed.
    The session consists of diving into these emotions, and have a dialogue with the parts of yourself that are linked to them, for a full expression, understanding, and resolution of what was muzzled.

    Target -> your specific demand

    Target a specific request

    You have a specific issue you would like to treat, but you did not yet find how to deal with it.

    We will look at what is at stake at this level, relating to your initial request, then will strive to find the answers to release you.

    Open session

    Open yourself to what is emerging

    You know that on the path of life, we walk one step after the other, and you are decided to go to your next step, according to what is surfacing, ripe, and thus ready to be treated.

    We will listen to what is emerging at the beginning of the session, and will follow this tenuous thread, to align you even more on the full expression of your Self.

    Energy session

    Recharge your batteries

    You feel exhausted. You are looking for a session likely to provide you an energy refill.

    It is better for you to lie down during this session. Nothing to say, just relax, and welcome the new energies flowing in.

    Chakra session

    Rebalance your energy centers

    You would like to get an overview of your unconscious functioning, the one that expresses itself by default everyday.

    You would like to experience a change in a particular field of your life.

    Chakras are energy centers regulating the flow of energy in our bodies. Our unconscious functioning can be read within them: money, relationships, expression, etc.

    The session consists of two parts: a reading of the current state of your chakras, then cleaning of the crystallized tensions, to restore the free expression of the Self.

    Back to your original Self

    Regain your lightness in the here and now

    You want to free yourself from weights you don't necessarily understand their origins.

    The session consists of determining the troubles affecting you, then liberating them. The effect is immediate with a raise of your frequency, and of the diameter of your aura.


    Rebalance the energy of your home

    You have your home, but you feel that the atmosphere of your place is heavy, and doesn't radiate the harmony you are longing for.

    The session will consists of neutralizing the negative phenomena, then reinforcing the energy of your place through positive manifestations. At last you will breathe!

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    The appointment can be fixed before or after, by phone/Whatsapp (+ or email (contact@therapeia.co). Please leave a voice message if I am not available, I will call you back :). Please also tell me your location and country, so that we can precisely evaluate the difference in time zones for an appointment time compatible with both our timetables.


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