Holistic and Energy Therapy

    Individual sessions via Skype, WhatsApp, or Phone

  • What led you here ? Word of mouth ? A Google search ? Or some kind of "luck" ?


    Whatever is your answer, you are probably seeking solutions to your inner questions.


    The answers lie within us, and within us alone. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be difficult to hear what our intuition whispers. Looking for some outside help can then make sense: find some help to let those answers finally emerge, after having waited patiently within our consciousness to be released.


    Because the conventional paths are powerless in the face of certain problems, the tools of holistic and energy therapy can help in those cases.


    Through the use of channels like "clear-perception" and "clear-information", and with Benevolence, I offer to accompany you at this very key moment of your existence, to help you head for a new mark in your evolution.

    With Joy,

    David Menetrier

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